November 2021

ThatDesk File Manager for macOS

Working on ThatDesk file manager for macOS. Still in the early stages of designing and trying to mirror ThatDesk for Windows.

ThatDesk File Manager for Windows Update v1.2

Working on ThatDesk file manager update with new features and bug fixes.

  • Updated UI elements.
  • Added in Indexing option to speed up loading.
  • Optimized data loading.
  • Fixed tapping List’s Header icon/text to collapse content. The hit area was inconsistent.
  • Fixed issue when clicking Refresh when List is collapsed, it was regrowing list height.
  • Changed Desk Title to be more prominent.
  • Added keyboard Enter key to acknowledge pop-ups.
  • Fixed inconsistent Dimming of backdrop image.
  • Added auto highlight text for prompts, like Rename & Create Desk. 
  • Replaced Sort Lists with Reorder. This gives ability to manually sort.
  • Changed Recent List to be sorted by Date Accessed.