Play the Media for Windows update v1.1

Put together some updates for Play the Media for Windows, version 1.1.

  • Changed main navigation item appearance.
  • Added Soft Load toggle. When turned on, media is loaded into a collection but not displayed. This improves performance. This mode change requires an app restart.
  • Added double-click inside the player window toggles fullscreen on/off.
  • Enabled background playback capability.
  • Added .m4v video support.
  • Added support for keyboard shortcuts:
  • + - Adds directory
  • L - Loads media
  • V - Video toggle
  • A - Audio toggle
  • I - Images toggle
  • T - Timer toggle
  • P - Autoplay toggle
  • S - Shuffle toggle
  • M - Mute toggle
  • C - Controls toggle
  • Shift + Left Arrow - Previous Media Item (focus dependent).
  • Shift + Right Arrow - Next Media Item (focus dependent).
  • Space Toggles Play/Pause is built-in to media player element, if play/pause button is focused.
  • Removed text from icons to allow more button real estate. Text is still shown under tooltip.
  • Added History of played Media Items (25 max).
  • Added Previous Media Item and Next Media Item toolbar buttons

Speak Text in List Focus

Added Speech support to List Focus for macOS. This will take a text paragraph and break it into individual text components separated by either period, carriage return, or both. This is a useful app for large text paragraphs where reading is more easily achieved with text broken into a list.

List Focus for macOS

Also developing a Windows version in parallel.
List Focus for Windows

Focus on Sentence from a Paragraph

I started development on a new app to highlight a sentence from a paragraph via a List View. I often find myself referencing a paragraph of text and need to maintain a highlight of content; however I need to at times select different parts of the paragraph. This can be cumbersome and time consuming re-highlighting sections of a paragraph.
List Focus will aim to put the paragraph of text into individual List View Items, so the whole Item can be highlight by simply clicking on it in a List View or using a keyboard shortcut to progress up/down through list.

List Focus Development

List Focus Development

Auto Resize Clipboard Images with AutoScale for Windows

With ThatList finally complete, I am now starting development on an app I actually really need. AutoScale automatically changes clipboard images scaling to a predefined size. For my day job, I do a lot of screenshots and work with images. I am constantly manually resizing images to fit the space, which can be really repetative.

Auto Resize Clipboard Images with AutoScale for Windows

Play Multiple Videos at the Same Time with Media Wall Player App for Windows

Finished development on the Windows version of Media Wall Player. I thought an app like this would be good to show family videos in a video wall player format. I had already created this app for macOS, now it is available for Windows 10. It largely operates identical to its macOS cousin. The major difference is that the Media Wall Player for Windows doesn't have the 'Flexible' or 'Adaptive' option. Instead it uses a slider to adjust the video player size.