Media Finder Browser for macOS

Media Finder Browser is now complete and is live in the macOS App Store. This app is part of the 'Finder Browser' suite of apps, where is aims to aid in the discovery and viewing of content. I initially set out to develop an app to help me with finding images and videos buried in sub-folders. If you are in need of such an app, please do check them out, thanks!

Media Finder Browser for macOS

Audio Finder Browser for macOS

I finished development on my next app, part of the 'Finder-Browser' suite of apps. Audio Finder Browser aims to aid in discovery and playback of audio content in directories. Similar to other apps like Video Finder Browser & Image Finder Browser, Audio Finder Browser has a similar look & feel as well as some of the same functions like Filter and Open Location.

Audio Finder Browser for macOS

ThatTree (macOS) Favorites

Working on implementing a Favorites View for ThatTree for macOS.

ThatTree for macOS Favorites

ThatTree for macOS

I am experimenting with developing a file manager for macOS that largely uses a Tree View data view. Also adding features like "Pin" and "Favorites". Pinning a file/folder sorts it to the top of the tree node.

ThatTree for macOS Development

Play the Media for Windows update v1.1

Put together some updates for Play the Media for Windows, version 1.1.

• Changed main navigation item appearance.
• Added Soft Load toggle. When turned on, media is loaded into a collection but not displayed. This improves performance. This mode change requires an app restart.
• Added double-click inside the player window toggles fullscreen on/off.
• Enabled background playback capability.
• Added .m4v video support.
• Added support for keyboard shortcuts:
• + - Adds directory
• L - Loads media
• V - Video toggle
• A - Audio toggle
• I - Images toggle
• T - Timer toggle
• P - Autoplay toggle
• S - Shuffle toggle
• M - Mute toggle
• C - Controls toggle
• Shift + Left Arrow - Previous Media Item (focus dependent).
• Shift + Right Arrow - Next Media Item (focus dependent).
• Space Toggles Play/Pause is built-in to media player element, if play/pause button is focused.
• Removed text from icons to allow more button real estate. Text is still shown under tooltip.
• Added History of played Media Items (25 max).
• Added Previous Media Item and Next Media Item toolbar buttons