Media Wall Player

Updates to Media Wall Player for macOS

Media Wall Player App Info for macOS
Media Wall Player for macOS has been updated to v1.2

- Bug fixes
- Added Audio Muting

Play Multiple Videos at the Same Time with Media Wall Player App for Windows

Finished development on the Windows version of Media Wall Player. I thought an app like this would be good to show family videos in a video wall player format. I had already created this app for macOS, now it is available for Windows 10. It largely operates identical to its macOS cousin. The major difference is that the Media Wall Player for Windows doesn't have the 'Flexible' or 'Adaptive' option. Instead it uses a slider to adjust the video player size.

Play Multiple Videos at the Same Time with Media Wall Player App for macOS

Finished development on a new modern app called Media Wall Player for macOS. The concept behind this app is to visually playback multiple videos at the same time. It has an easy to use navigation view which allows you to quickly switch between directories containing video content. Control the grid layout using two modes, Flexible or Adaptive. Flexible - scales the video player to fit to the window’s size. Adaptive - adjusts the grid columns & rows to shift the videos around into a maintained grid state. There is a Grid Count function which will adjust how many videos are displayed. The more videos displayed the more potential to utilize computer resources like CPU & memory. This may need adjusted for some systems to improve video playback performance. Autoplay can be used to prevent videos from automatically playing when loaded. Controls can be hidden, this may be useful for some users who want to display the app’s videos in a dashboard setting. Standard video playback controls are available like play/pause, full screen, and picture-in-picture. The Shuffle button replaces the videos with another random video from the navigation view’s directory.