January 2022

Near Endless Virtual Desktop on macOS

I built a new productivity app for macOS, called Sidedesk. This app follows along the same lines as its Windows 10 version of Sidedesk. Users can create a Nav menu full of Nav Items that open up into their own custom views and content. From the main view, users can add Elements, which consist of Files, Folders, ListViews, GridViews, Frames, Text, or Images. Clicking and dragging on the main view's background (canvas) will allow you to pan around all the content at once.

Create YouTube Thumnail with Affinity Designer Tutorial

Showing tutorial for creating a YouTube thumbnail using Affinity Designer. This video focuses on creating a simple gradient using radial selection. Next we create a pixel layer using a textured brush in Pixel Persona. We then set the pixel layer as a mask to the gradient, which creates a cool effect. Also demonstrate how to reverse the gradient.

Also shown is an app developed by me called ThatDesk. ThatDesk is a unique File Manager for Apple’s macOS system. It allows users to create quick navigation shortcuts to file directories as well as Virtual Lists which can host files, folders, and websites.
ThatDesk can be downloaded via Apple’s App Store.

Add Caption to macOS Image

Completed another macOS app called Simple Image Caption. With this app you can assign an image caption, which gets stored to the file's meta-data.