April 2022

Software Updates for macOS Apps

Made some updates to Video Finder Browser and Image Finder Browser.

  • Added Selection Border.
  • Added Navigation Sidebar pane toggle.
  • Added Navigation Sidebar minimum pane width.

Play the Media for macOS Complete

Play the Media for macOS is now available in the macOS App Store. This app is also available for Windows.

Play the Media for Windows Complete

Finished 'Play the Media' app for Windows. This app can playback video and audio. It also can show images for an adjustable amount of time. This app was requested from a user, where they needed to play random media files. They wanted options for enabling/disabling timer and the ability to choose what directories are included in the randomized content.

Video Finder Browser for macOS Development

I am starting to complete other "Finder Browser" themed apps to support getting easier access to certain file types. Similar to Image Finder Browser, Video Finder Browser aims to make video file locating and viewing easier and faster.

Add Notes to Windows Desktop Background

When I first developed Background Notes concept, it was supposed to be just for Windows. But I was fresh off from making Sidedesk for macOS, so I felt I should continue with using Apple’s Swift programming language to first make Background Notes for macOS, prior to switching to using Windows Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and making Background Notes. After several weeks of working on other projects, I was able to circle back to making Background Notes for Windows. I just finished it today. This was a somewhat fun project to work on - at least once I figured out how to render the image that would be used for the Desktop Background at a higher quality!