Safe Swipe

How To Protect Photos Using Safe Swipe for iOS

I finished development on a new iOS app called Safe Swipe. The concept behind this app is, you pass another person your phone to look at photos and they inadvertently or advertently swipe through other photos that you didn't desire them to see. Safe Swipe solves that problem, by giving users the ability to choose specific photos to visually share. Photo selection is also locked behind biometrics/passcode. So others can only see the photos the device owner has selected.

Safe Swipe solves the problem of passing your phone to another and then they swipe through your photos. Photo selection is locked behind Face ID/passcode, so only photos users select are visible to others. They can swipe away without the worry of coming across an undesired photo.

1.) Startup app.
2.) Click "Choose Photos". Face ID approval may prompt.
3.) Enter Face ID/passcode.
4.) Tap photos to select. Click "Add".
5.) Photos are displayed.
6.) Tap a photo to open in Individual Photo Viewer.
7.) Ping Zoom to zoom-in. Tap-drag to pan.
8.) Double-tap to zoom back out to normal.
9.) Tap back arrow to return to photo grid-view.
10.) Click "X" button to clear photos from grid-view.