Multi SMTP Checker

Test Multiple SMTP Connections using Multi SMTP Checker

Use Multi SMTP Checker to send a test e-mail to a recipient. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and can be used to send e-mails leveraging an SMTP provider. There are many SMTP providers available, several well known online search engines can provide them.
Enter in appropriate SMTP configuration and click Test Connection to test. If test completes successfully, a successful message prompt is seen and e-mail recipient will receive test e-mail. Multi SMTP Checker supports saving multiple Nav Items, think of them as profiles. This allows users to store multiple SMTP configuration for reference and testing.

Multi SMTP Checker in Development

I started working on an SMTP Checker that supports 'multiple' saved profiles. I needed something like this for my day job to store different customer sites' SMTP information in a ready to go app for SMTP operation testing.

Multi SMTP Checker for Windows