January 2021

ThatView Windows App Progress

Managed to get a lot more items completed for ThatView.

  • Verify deleting 1 Item (when another Group is also using Item), that it keeps the token in Future Access List.
  • Hide preview on back grid tapped.
  • On NavItem remove, clear the SubNavs.
  • Video preview not working perfectly.
  • Need to overhaul IsSelected
  • Add Nav hide/show again
  • RowView - background preview not releasing on grid click.
  • ColumnViewPage.xaml - Getting a consistent crash when scrolling to the bottom of Documents directory (listview). Unhandled Exception, not triggering on any method though.
  • Is the Search results using Indexing. - Yes

UWP ListView Scroll Crash

I was experiencing a nagging issue with a UWP ListView object that resulted in an unhandled exception and crashed the app. The error wasn't related to any method I was handling, so I couldn't trap it. I had to do a painstaking process of elimination of the XAML code. Ultimately I found the issue was related to my GridView's (I am using a ListView inside a GridView) ScrollViewer.VerticalBarVisibility. I had to set it to "Disabled".