Speech Command

Voice Commands to Launch macOS Files, Folders, and Websites

Speech Command App Info for macOS

Use your voice to launch commands for things like files, folder, and websites! Create scenarios of automation to be more productive and utilize technology to do the heavy lifting for you. Setup voice triggered commands to open multiple files at the same time. Speak into your microphone to open folders to a specific directory. Edit commands to whatever you want to speak.

Instructions for App Operation:
1.) Launch app.
2.) Click toolbar button choice for folder, file, or website.
3.) Folder - browse to and select folder. Click open. Enter command to be spoken to launch folder.
4.) File - browse to and select file. Click open. Enter command to be spoken to launch file.
5.) Website - enter command to be spoken to launch website. Enter in website URL.
6.) Click Reorder button to change order of commands.
7.) Check the checkbox to cycle enable/disable operation for commands.
8.) Double-click a command to manually launch the item.
9.) Right-click a command to see options for Edit and Delete. Edit allows you to edit the Command Key or the website URL.