April 2021

ThatView App Features

Working on some more features for ThatView, including Paste Progress and Loading indicator.

I also added PDF Preview functionality. When clicking a PDF to preview, the PDF view is set to a low opacity to allow for continued visibility of directory and UI. Clicking on 'Hide Views' will show the PDF view in full opacity. The PDF preview supports mouse scroll to change pages and also includes buttons up/down to change pages.

Automatically Format Text

Along the same process as AutoBorder app, AutoFormat aims to do similiar, but instead of images, it'll automatically format previously copied text (in the system clipboard).

AutoFormat App

Automatically Add Border to Image

I had an idea for an app to automatically add a border to clipboard images. You see I frequently need to take screenshots and paste them into an e-mail, the problem I encounter is the whitespace in the screenshot blends into the e-mail background - so I have to manually add a border in Outlook, which is very tedious. AutoBorder aims to automate this process by watching for common screenshot keys and mouse positions, then taking the clipboard, adding a border to it, then replacing the clipboard image with the border image. This process actually works pretty slick and is relatively simplistic.