ThatView Windows File Manager v1.5 Updates

Completed another round of updates for ThatView. This version is v1.5. Below is a list of changes/features.

  • Updated UI elements.
  • Enabled light mode. ThatView now matches Windows dark/light mode setting.
  • Fixed issue when pasting or creating New Folder/Text/Image, the auto-refresh wasn’t pausing.
  • Added in the NavItems to the Group navItem right-click list.
  • Changed NavView so clicking Group expands/collapses navItem.
  • Moved “Open GroupView” to NavItem right-click option.
  • Fixed NavItems not selecting when changing Tabs.
  • Added welcome screen when first using app.
  • Added double-click folder to build-in-self. Note - there are purposely no back/forward controls.
  • Increased Dim value for media previews.
  • Corrected RowView & ColumnIconView internal drag/drop Collection operation.
  • Added image zoom reset when clicking another image.
  • Fixed folder item count not updating when navigating to new directory.
  • Added new View - Gallery View.
  • Fixed performance issue due to new auto-refresh system.
  • Added Audio Previews for mp3, wav, aac, and m4a. Note - “Mute Previews” will affect Audio Preview.
  • Added Keyboard navigation using Enter key. Tab, Space, and arrow keys also utilized.
  • Cleaned up Recent List date/time. Was showing offset.
  • Added Recent Folder toggle to Recent list.