Static Copy for Windows in Development

Currently working on a Windows version of Static Copy using Microsoft's newest framework, WinUI 3 utilizing the App SDK. Static Copy will be similar to the macOS version of the app by the same name.


Resolved Issues:
  • Crash on .ico loading. Had to set file Properties to “Copy Always”.
  • Acrylic Background not working WinUI 3.
    • To get working, search WinUI 3 Gallery for system backdrop.
    • Expand Acrylic (not Mica), put all code under MainWindow.xaml.cs.
    • Add call for “TrySetAcrylicBackdrop()” under public MainWindow() method.
    • Don’t even have to set any Grid Background using ThemeResource.
  • Getting odd update for copyItem.CopyItemText property.
    • For bottom entry, when text in field > mask on > delete password > mask off, text gets re-inserted.
    • Fixed by changing Two-way to One-way, then on PasswordChanged, write to property.
  • Getting the ListView flicker (not transition related).
    • Was due to my custom ListViewItem Style.
    • Changed all the Style Backgrounds to “Transparent”.