How to Use Voice to Clipboard for macOS

How to Use Compare 2 Text for macOS

How to Use ThatDesk for macOS

How to Use Simple Week for macOS

How to Use List Focus for macOS

How to Use Audio Finder Browser for macOS

How to Use Media Finder Browser for macOS

How To have a Floating Calendar using Calendar-Widget for macOS

Compare 2 Text for macOS

I commonly needed to compare two .ini files containing configuration information for some software. I need to be able to filter non-matching text data, so I could better synchronize the configuration in the files. 'Compare 2 Text' does all that and a bit more.

Compare 2 Text for macOS


Finished development on an app I've been meaning to make for a while. It is a simple calendar app so I can keep it open to always see a calendar. Calendar-Widget has the ability to float above other windows.

Calendar-Widget for macOS

Media Finder Browser for macOS

Media Finder Browser is now complete and is live in the macOS App Store. This app is part of the 'Finder Browser' suite of apps, where is aims to aid in the discovery and viewing of content. I initially set out to develop an app to help me with finding images and videos buried in sub-folders. If you are in need of such an app, please do check them out, thanks!

Media Finder Browser for macOS

Audio Finder Browser for macOS

I finished development on my next app, part of the 'Finder-Browser' suite of apps. Audio Finder Browser aims to aid in discovery and playback of audio content in directories. Similar to other apps like Video Finder Browser & Image Finder Browser, Audio Finder Browser has a similar look & feel as well as some of the same functions like Filter and Open Location.

Audio Finder Browser for macOS

ThatTree (macOS) Favorites

Working on implementing a Favorites View for ThatTree for macOS.

ThatTree for macOS Favorites

ThatTree for macOS

I am experimenting with developing a file manager for macOS that largely uses a Tree View data view. Also adding features like "Pin" and "Favorites". Pinning a file/folder sorts it to the top of the tree node.

ThatTree for macOS Development

Speak Text in List Focus

Added Speech support to List Focus for macOS. This will take a text paragraph and break it into individual text components separated by either period, carriage return, or both. This is a useful app for large text paragraphs where reading is more easily achieved with text broken into a list.

Also developing a Windows version in parallel.
List Focus for Windows

Focus on Sentence from a Paragraph

I started development on a new app to highlight a sentence from a paragraph via a List View. I often find myself referencing a paragraph of text and need to maintain a highlight of content; however I need to at times select different parts of the paragraph. This can be cumbersome and time consuming re-highlighting sections of a paragraph.
List Focus will aim to put the paragraph of text into individual List View Items, so the whole Item can be highlight by simply clicking on it in a List View or using a keyboard shortcut to progress up/down through list.

List Focus Development

List Focus Development

Play Multiple Videos at the Same Time with Media Wall Player App for macOS

Finished development on a new modern app called Media Wall Player for macOS. The concept behind this app is to visually playback multiple videos at the same time. It has an easy to use navigation view which allows you to quickly switch between directories containing video content. Control the grid layout using two modes, Flexible or Adaptive. Flexible - scales the video player to fit to the window’s size. Adaptive - adjusts the grid columns & rows to shift the videos around into a maintained grid state. There is a Grid Count function which will adjust how many videos are displayed. The more videos displayed the more potential to utilize computer resources like CPU & memory. This may need adjusted for some systems to improve video playback performance. Autoplay can be used to prevent videos from automatically playing when loaded. Controls can be hidden, this may be useful for some users who want to display the app’s videos in a dashboard setting. Standard video playback controls are available like play/pause, full screen, and picture-in-picture. The Shuffle button replaces the videos with another random video from the navigation view’s directory.

Software Updates for macOS Apps

Made some updates to Video Finder Browser and Image Finder Browser.

  • Added Selection Border.
  • Added Navigation Sidebar pane toggle.
  • Added Navigation Sidebar minimum pane width.

Play the Media for macOS Complete

Play the Media for macOS is now available in the macOS App Store. This app is also available for Windows.

Video Finder Browser for macOS Development

I am starting to complete other "Finder Browser" themed apps to support getting easier access to certain file types. Similar to Image Finder Browser, Video Finder Browser aims to make video file locating and viewing easier and faster.

Image Finder Browser for macOS

I decided to port Image Finder Browser over to macOS. I found the Windows version was quite useful. The macOS version includes a majority of the same features as the Windows version. One thing it is currently missing is keyboard navigation between images. I am planning on including this in the future.

Add Notes to macOS Desktop Background

Completed another macOS app called Background Notes. Background Notes app allows you to embed text into images as note elements, then set the image as your Desktop Background. As with other Note taking apps, be mindful what content you place as notes. Since background images have the potential to be seen from computer login screens, care should be considered.

  • Click the + icon. Type in a text name for navigation item. Click "Add" button.
  • Select newly create navigation item. This will load the view.
  • Click "Choose Image" button in toolbar. Navigate to an image file and click "Open" button.
  • The image will be placed into the view as a "background image".
  • Click "Add Text". A new text element will be dropped center in the view. You may need to adjust scroll bars and/or click drag "Zoom" slider to see newly added text element.
  • Click + Drag text element around to desired location.
  • Double-click text element to open the text-editor sheet. Enter in desired text. Click "Complete" button when done.
  • The "Scaling" button can be used to adjust the scaling of text elements. This can be useful for very large dimension images. Default 1.0 scaling will suffice for ~1920x1080 images.
  • Keep in mind text elements will be adjusted after change and they may inadvertently move to off view.
  • Click the "Set Background" button to combine both the text+image content into an image and set it as Desktop Background.
  • To remove a text element, right-click it and choose "Remove".
  • To remove a text element that has been lost (e.g. offscreen), right-click the background image, select appropriate note from list and choose "Remove" or "Reset Position" (requires view refresh by clicking blank area of navigation view and then re-clicking navigation item) to bring the text element back to "center".

Group macOS Files by File Type

Completed a macOS file manager app called Lava File Manager. With this app you can manage files using a system of grouped lists. Powerful filter options gives you control over your displayed content, and a Date Range selector keeps results fast and focused to your preferred date modified era.

Near Endless Virtual Desktop on macOS

I built a new productivity app for macOS, called Sidedesk. This app follows along the same lines as its Windows 10 version of Sidedesk. Users can create a Nav menu full of Nav Items that open up into their own custom views and content. From the main view, users can add Elements, which consist of Files, Folders, ListViews, GridViews, Frames, Text, or Images. Clicking and dragging on the main view's background (canvas) will allow you to pan around all the content at once.

Add Caption to macOS Image

Completed another macOS app called Simple Image Caption. With this app you can assign an image caption, which gets stored to the file's meta-data.

Keep Your Folder Open and Visible

New File Manager to optimize your workflow and work smarter not harder.

ThatDesk for macOS. Use to keep quick and easy access to chosen directories, files, and websites. With Finder, you are repeatedly opening folder locations again and again. With ThatDesk, set your directories, files, or websites and have fast access to the resources with a single click.

Checkout ThatDesk for macOS, now available via the Mac App Store.
ThatDesk Info

ThatDesk File Manager for macOS

Working on ThatDesk file manager for macOS. Still in the early stages of designing and trying to mirror ThatDesk for Windows.