Drive Thru Zombies for iOS App Icon

Drive Thru Zombies for iOS

The world has been overrun by zombies. Drive your car and run over as many zombies as possible. Watch out for the bombs lurking amongst the terrain though!

SCON for iOS App Icon

SCON for iOS

SCON is a hybrid action/maze video game; the player controls SCON through an enclosed arena. Smash the floor to break through to the next level.

Tanik for iOS App Icon

Tanik for iOS

Tanik is an action game where you control a ninja. Kick and punch the approaching ninjas to keep the center platform clear. Progressive difficulty makes this a challenging game to master. Strategically tap to ensure no inbound ninjas end your game!

Color Smack for iOS App Icon

Color Smack for iOS

Strategy puzzle inspired game. Spin the center colors and deflect the incoming circle shapes. If one reaches the center, it's game over! Hit the wrong colored shape with the center object and that piece is removed - only way to get it back is to successfully deflect another incoming circle. Continued deflection of inbound circles raises difficulty by increasing speed and frequency of objects.

Atope for iOS App Icon

Atope for iOS

Journey through the vast terrain of Atope. Collect gems of various style and illumination. Watch out for the spiky obstacles though!