Recommended Modern iOS Apps

Recommended Modern iOS Apps

Best New Apps for iOS

Safe Swipe for iOS App Icon/

Safe Swipe

Safe Swipe solves the problem of passing your phone to another and then they swipe through your photos. Photo selection is locked behind Face ID/passcode, so only photos users select are visible to others. They can swipe away without the worry of coming across an undesired photo.

2 Point Scaler for iOS App Icon/

2 Point Scaler

2 Point Scaler takes an input and converts it from one range to another scaled range. For example you could convert an input value from Celsius to Fahrenheit and view the converted output. Or convert an input value from a 4-20mA signal to a 0-50 psi value.

Simple Week Checklist for iOS App Icon/

Simple Week Checklist

Some tasks should be tracked simply. Use Simple Week Checklist to track weekly task status. At the start of a new week, clear checklists and start again. Simple Week Checklist makes simple work of everyday checklists, from work, to family to chores - track your simple tasks using Simple Week Checklist.

Simple Week Routine for iOS App Icon

Simple Week Routine

Wakeup and accomplish more with Simple Week Routine. An app designed specifically to quickly track your "Routine" progress throughout the week.

That Text for iOS App Icon

That Text

That Text allows for quick data entry into text fields. Group text content into navigable entries to easily organize content.

That Checklist for iOS App Icon

That Checklist

That Checklist is a simple checklist creator app. Organize checklists with great efficiency using dedicated navigation items and tree-views.

Compare 2 Text for iOS App Icon

Compare 2 Text

Using 'Compare 2 Text' you'll be able to automatically compare two bodies of text together and see comparison results with ease. Comparisons occur both directions, so you can see differences between the two bodies of text.

Simple Week for iOS App Icon

Simple Week

Simple Week is a wonderful app to keep weekly notes or to-do tasks or even a weekly planner. There are no logins, or complex configuration to worry about. Just open the app, select a day of the week and type whatever you need. Use the Export button to export your texts to a chosen file.

ThatList for iOS App Icon

ThatList for iOS

An app like no other. ThatList for iOS is an innovative and new way to track information using list templates. ThatList boasts a brilliant tree view structure to create and organize your lists.