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ThatList is an innovative and new way to track information using list templates. ThatList boasts a brilliant tree view structure to create and organize your lists. Create custom list templates and use them to store information. ThatList was developed with mobility in mind. A few quick clicks gets you tracking information quickly.

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ThatList Brilliant TreeView Structure

Brilliant TreeView Structure

With a treeview implemented at the base level, easily organize your content with speed and precision. Add new Lists, move existing lists, re-order lists, nest lists (also nest lists within lists!), rename lists, and expand & collapse lists. Do it all with quick and easy controls.

Endless Checklists

Have another iteration of template content you need to track. Add another Checklist to repeat the Template items. Just keep on doing it, endless Checklists! This is especially useful when you have reoccuring tasks to complete. Are you a Technician checking out components or an Engineer making notes on equipment. Endless uses for tracking information & data.

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A Template Worthy of Award

Every List gets its own Template. This gives you unprecedented power with the app. Make quick edits to a List's Template, which then get propagated for all of a List's Checklists!

ThatList Lists it All

See it all from a bird's eye view using All Checklists. The All Checklists feature lists every Checklist you've created and lists them all out in sort order by modification date/time. Easily tap a Checklist to access it's data. Additionally you can make changes to the Checklist by iteracting with the elements to update the Checklist's data. Need to find a specific Checklist? The filter function provides fast and accurate filtering of content, so you can find what you're looking for quickly. Filtered content is also tappable, so you can jump right into what you need.

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