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ThatEntry is a useful productivity app to aid in the repeated entry of common text fields. It works great for storing text entries and recalling the text using an assigned function key. ThatEntry can be used with most text fields to enter text using assigned shortcut keys.

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ThatEntry gives the user the ability to assign a shortcut key to automatically paste in a pre-determined text. This can be especially useful where you have a situation where you need to copy/paste multiple different strings of text.

Use the function key drop-down menus to select a function key you wish you use. When that function key is pressed ThatEntry will simulate keyboard clicks for each character in the 'Entry' field.

ThatEntry Function Keys
Showing ThatEntry function keys.

You can put whatever characters you want in the 'Entry' fields. Text, dates, times, numbers, etc... Click an entry field and type in what you need. The entry field does have a limit of 32,767 characters, so don't put a book in it.

ThatEntry Function Keys
Showing ThatEntry Entry Field.

With Auto-Enter, you can simulate the 'Enter' key on the keyboard after the entry has finished populating the field. Auto-Enter can work two ways, it'll either initiate a default action within the user interface - for example activating an 'OK' button for a prompt. Second it can enter a carriage return character for you, which if you're in a word processing app, it'll go down to a new line.

ThatEntry Function Keys
Showing ThatEntry Auto-Enter Operation. After pasting text, system will trigger a carriage return command.