Quickly Copy Text With One Click!

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Quickly Copy Text With One Click

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Quickly copy text with one click! Static Copy provides a user adjustable list of text, where any text can be copied either from the app's main window or the system notification area toolbar. Need to hide text characters? Use the masking button to quickly obscure any text from view. Reorder text entries in whatever order is needed.

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Instructions for app use:

  1. Launch app.
  2. Click the + button in upper right corner.
  3. In the newly created text field, enter in whatever text is desired. Optionally, you can enter in a label for the text entry.
  4. Click the copy icon button to "copy" the text to the clipboard. Icon momentarily changes color to green, indicating a copy action occurred.
  5. Click the mask button to change the text to obscure characters.
  6. Click the trash button to delete any text entries. If no text entry was entered, no delete confirmation dialog will pop-up. If text was entered into the text field, a delete confirmation will pop-up. To bypass the delete confirmation, hold down the CTRL key while clicking delete icon button.
  7. Right-click the Static Copy menu bar down in the system notification area toolbar, by the system date/time. Click a text entry to copy the text to the clipboard. If you don't see the Static Copy icon, certain icons may be hidden. Click the up arrow icon (Show Hidden Icons) in notification area to expand icons. If you want to always show icons, search Windows settings for "notification area" for checkbox to enable.
  8. Click the Reorder button in the Static Copy app's window, up by the + icon. Click & drag text entries to change their order.