How To Skim through Media Using Media Slide for Windows

Media Slide for Windows

Skim through Media

Media Slide for Windows

Media Slide is a great way to skim through an array of media files and playback videos, movies, music, audio recordings, sound effects, or view images.

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Instructions for App Operation:

  1. Click the 'Choose Media Directory' button in toolbar to locate a directory containing media files. Media will be loaded into a background collection and default to showing the first media item from the list. Media items in collection will be listed in alphabetical order.
  2. Use the 'Clear App Data' button to remove the media directory reference from Media Slide app. Clear App Data doesn't affect any files stored on computer.
  3. Use the Slider along the bottom to drag left/right. Moving the slider will switch between media files from the chosen directory. Slider will only be visible if there are two or more media items.
  4. Along the bottom of the UI will show the selected media file name. Hovering above the media file's name with the mouse cursor will show a tooltip of the media file path. To the bottom right corner lists the media directory count.
  5. Right-click media file's name and choose 'Open File Location' to open the Windows File Explorer to the selected media file's directory.