How To Switch Windows Using App Window Switcher for Windows

App Window Switcher for Windows

How To Switch Windows with Keyboard

App Window Switcher for Windows

Switch windows using customizable keyboard shortcuts. No limit on number of apps to setup keyboard shortcuts for. Easily toggle shortcuts on/off for apps. Includes a "Float Window" option to keep windows above others.

App Window Switcher App Window Switcher for Windows Info Button

Instructions for App Operation:

  1. Startup app.
  2. Processes are loaded.
  3. Click Refresh button to update list of processes at anytime.
  4. Double-click a process from list to enable keys for window switching. Process text will turn green and key commands will show.
  5. Use ComboBoxes to select keys. There are 2-modifier options and 1 key command for letters, numbers, and function keys.
  6. Choose appropriate keys - keep in mind, shortcut keys may conflict with other system shortcuts and/or other apps.
  7. Experiment until you find a suitable combination. Control+Shift+Numbers seems to be pretty open.
  8. Check "Float Window" to make an app window "top-most" or "floating" - meaning the window will appear at a higher layer level than others. Float window persists even if the Process is double-clicked to disable the shortcut keys. If you no longer want floating, it is recommended to uncheck prior to double-clicking Process.