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That Checklist for macOS

That Checklist allows for quick data entry into text fields and mark-off of checkboxes. Group checklists content into navigable entries to easily organize content. Click on a Nav Item to bring up previous checklists fast. Edit or reorder content using built-in context menus. Checklists can be shifted left/right to simulate a parent/child tree-like structure. A powerful Filter field allows for fast filtering of content. Filtering can be toggled between filtering by checklist text entry or Tree name.

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Instructions for App Operation:

  1. Launch app.
  2. Create a new Navigation Item by clicking " + " button.
  3. Type in a name for the Navigation Item.
  4. Click the newly create Navigation Item. A new view will load in the main view.
  5. Click the " + " button in the upper right corner.
  6. Enter in a name for the Tree Item.
  7. Click the " + " button next to the newly created Tree Item. This will automatically create a new Checklist Item.
  8. Enter in a text for the Checklist Item.
  9. Check the checkbox for the Checklist Item to mark the item complete.
  10. Use arrows to the right of the Checklist Item to shift the Checklist Item left/right. This allows for the appearance of parent/child visual.
  11. Click the trash can button to the right of the Checklist Item to remove the Checklist Item.
  12. Click the Reorder button in the toolbar to reorder the Tree Items.
  13. Right click any Checklist Item for context commands.
  14. Right click any Tree Item for context commands.
  15. Right click any Navigation Item for context commands.