Automate Clipboard Using Clipboard Rules for macOS

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Automate Clipboard

Clipboard Rules for macOS

Extend your system clipboard's functionality by using Clipboard Rules. Setup automated functionality to complete actions, like opening a file or folder, or showing a notification. Create elaborate triggers based on clipboard's text, files, or even web URLs!

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How To Narrate List Using Speaking List for macOS

  1. Launch app and click ? button to see help topics.
  2. Click + button in toolbar to create a new Clipboard Item.
  3. Double-click new Clipboard Item. Type in a Rule Name.
  4. Set type to 'Text'. Enter a Text to look for in system clipboard. Also you can copy that text you just entered.
  5. Choose an action. Open File is an easy one, check the Open File checkbox, click File icon to right. Browse to a file and click Open.
  6. Click Save button to close editor.
  7. Check the circle icon to Enable Rule. If you had copied the Clipboard Text from editor, the Rule should fire and open your file.
  8. Rules will only fire once per match, the row will appear Dimmed until the system clipboard changes to something else.
  9. If the system clipboard again gets updated to your Rule's Clipboard Text field text, the Open File action will fire again.