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Sidedesk is a virtual desktop for Windows 10 operating system. It can be downloaded via the Windows App Store. Below is some basic information regarding the app.

  • Costs $6.29
  • Supports 7-day trial
  • Gets routine updates (bug fixes & added/improved features)

Virtual links get created when you drag/drop an item from the Windows' File System into Sidedesk. Sidedesk uses built-in Windows functions to get a "token" for your referenced file/folder. Sidedesk uses this token to re-establish connection to your content when the app launches. This method offers a fast and secure connection to your file system. Sidedesk doesn't have access to any of your file system unless you specifically tell it to. Sidedesk doesn't do anything with your files/folders beyond the built-in functions available in Sidedesks menus & buttons.

Sidedesk Virtual Links
Showing Sidedesk virtual links. Established by dragging/dropping a file/folder from the Windows' file system.

Dragging/dropping is the simple way to add items into Sidedesk. Just drag an item from your computer's Desktop or File Explorer to add it to Sidedesk. Most file types are supported. A common file type that isn't supported is '.exe' files. This isn't a limitation by Sidedesk, but rather a limitation of Microsoft Windows Universal Windows Platform.

Sidedesk Drag/Drop
Showing Sidedesk drag/drop. Established by dragging/dropping a file/folder from the Windows' file system.

Once items are dropped into the IconView, you can drag & reposition the items however you'd like. Putting items into columns and/or rows helps to visuallize your content.

Sidedesk Moveable Content within IconView
Showing Sidedesk moveable content within IconView.

Sidedesk supports

Sidedesk Customizeable Background with Image or Color
Showing Sidedesk background customization, setting background image or color.