ThatView App

A modern file manager for Windows 10. ThatView boasts a sophisticated view system that gives you plenty of options to view your files, just the way you want. A structured TreeView gives you unparalled functionality and customization options.

ScreenLine App Tile Icon

A virtual line for your screen. Great for when you need to highlight a specific row of information or provide a line reference while working.

ThatList App Tile Icon

An app like no other. ThatList for iOS is an innovative and new way to track information using list templates. ThatList boasts a brilliant tree view structure to create and organize your lists.

ThatPhoto App Tile Icon

Welcome to ThatPhoto! Explore the wonderful new features ThatPhoto has to offer. Keep your photos organized and easily accessible with this great software.

ThatDesk App Tile Icon

An innovative and new way to track information using list templates. ThatFile boasts a brilliant tree view structure to create and organize your lists. Create custom list templates and use them to store information.

WebCapture App Tile Icon

WebCapture takes snapshots of selected website at specified intervals. Users can add multiple websites to the master list. The master list is searchable and different websites can be selected to start taking snapshots of.

2-Cap App Tile Icon

Capture then caption. Take your clipboard images and store them in 2-Cap. Set an image directory where all images get stored. 2-Cap provides a listview summary for all images which is quickly searcheable, using name, caption, or date.

Sidedesk App Tile Icon

Ever needed a quick way to organize your Desktop? Or find a buried shortcut? Introducing Sidedesk! A revolutionary new way to access your files. Sidedesk uses intelligent mechanisms to link to the files you want, as well as provide numerous filtering possibilities to get you to your stuff with fewest steps possible.

Bagz App Tile Icon

Bagz is a useful app that provides users with the ability to access their most used files quickly. Rather than have a cluttered desktop filled with shortcuts - users can setup shortcut links to their files/folders with Bagz, with a clean & modern interface.

ThatFile App Tile Icon

File and folder management using column browsing (Miller Columns). Simplistic design allows users to breeze through directories. Navigate your content fast and efficiently, while staying super organized using capable built in features. Jump to your content the quick way using Favorites or Search.

ThatNote App Tile Icon

ThatNote is a fast and easy to use note taking app. It packs essential tools, including font formatting and image insertion. No logins or confusing setup involved.

FastPing App Tile Icon

Quickly ping IP addresses or host names with this handy productivity software!

AcuteMigraine App Tile Icon

Migraines are a pain, tracking them shouldn't be. Use AcuteMigraine to easily track your migraines and hone in on potential causes to them.

ThatStatus App Tile Icon

ThatStatus continuously pings listed IPs or host names. It provides a pass/fail assignment based on the ping state of the device. ThatStatus also lists the ping time for the device's response time.

ThatStat App Tile Icon

Computer statistics tool. Reads important information from computer; including hard drive space, memory, thermal state, and network adapter settings. Also scans all processes and their attributes and lists them out. Ability to export results to CSV file.

ThatEntry App Tile Icon

ThatEntry is a useful productivity app to aid in the repeated entry of common text fields. It works great for storing text entries and recalling the text using an assigned function key.