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ThatView is a modern file manager for Windows 10 operating system. It can be downloaded via the Windows App Store. Below is some basic information regarding the app. Manage your files like a pro with ThatView. With multiple view methods, ThatView puts you in control of your directories and allows you to navigate complex file structures like a breeze. ThatView is built to give users the flexibility and customizations options currently lacking in File Explorer and other file management apps.

  • Costs $6.29
  • Supports 7-day trial
  • Gets routine updates (bug fixes & added/improved features)

ThatView supports the ability to add your own Groups, so you can build-out the main navigation view the exact way you need to categorize and organize your content.

Showing ThatView 'Add Group' user interface and operation. Use Add Group to create Groups to organize your content.

After you get your Groups setup, you then can use 'Add Directory' command to attach directories to your groups. This is kind of like a favorites function.

Showing ThatView 'Add Directory' user interface and operation. Use Add Directory to assign directories to your groups.

View Options provide a way to manipulate your user interface experience, like showing additional detail or adjusting the viewing size.

Showing ThatView's View Options.

Video previews offers a great way to quickly watch a video. The preview appears in the backdrop. The 'Hide Views' button hides the view user interface and shows full video controls.

Showing ThatView video preview with full controls.

Indexing in ThatView allows the app to achieve impressive speeds for displaying file system information. Indexing requires System Indexing to be on. To turn on System Indexing, click Start button and type in 'indexing'. Click on Indexing Options. Use Indexing Options function to set what directories are indexed. To enable Indexing in ThatView, simply click the 'Indexing' button in the toolbar. In the event a directory isn't indexed, you can turn off THatView's Indexing by again clicking the 'Indexing' button in the toolbar, then reloading the directory.

Showing ThatView performance improvements when using Indexing on 4,000+ items.

Tabs offer a great way to keep views open to a directory and still navigate to other locations. Click the + button to create a new tab. Click on a Tab to switch to it, the main view will update to show that Tab's directory. Click the Tab x button to close a Tab. To re-arrange Tabs, left-click & hold and drag to a different Tab position.

Showing ThatView Tabs.

When clicking on an image file, the image will be displayed in the backdrop (if 'Show Preview in Backdrop' option enabled). To zoom and/or pan the image preview, click the 'Hide Views' button in the main toolbar. To zoom in/out use the mouse scroll or touchpad (2-finger swipe up/down). To pan the image, left-click & hold, then move the mouse.

Showing ThatView Image Preview.

ThatView provides a function to change an existing directory to another one. To change a directory, right-click the main navigation NavItem and choose 'Change Directory'.

Showing ThatView Change Directory.

You can easily change the view type by right-clicking a NavItem and clicking 'Set View'. Choose an option that works well for you or the given directory. Click the NavItem to view the newly selected view type.

Showing ThatView Set View.

Icons are a great way to distinguish your content from one another. Customizing icons is easy. Simply right-click a NavItem and choose 'Set Icon'. Select an icon from the list. Then select a color.

Showing ThatView Set Icon.

Sometimes you need items rearranged to provide a better experience. ThatView supports this via the 'Reorder' function. Right-click a NavItem and choose 'Reorder'. Arrange the items in the order you need. Groups and their children have different 'Reorder' lists, so you can order them independently.

Showing ThatView Reorder.

To rename an item, right-click the NavItem and choose 'Rename'. Type in a new name for the item.

Showing ThatView Rename.

To remove an item, right-click the NavItem and choose 'Remove'. If you remove a Group, the children of the Group will also be removed.

Showing ThatView Remove.

Backdrops provide an excellent way to customize ThatView's user interface. Right-click a NavItem and choose 'Set Backdrop'. Choose either a color or select an image. As a general rule, it is good to have the backdrop appear darker, so choose a darker color or adjust the image opacity down - that way the Backdrop doesn't clash with the file/folder content text/image.

Showing ThatView Set Backdrop.

To move a NavItem from one Group to another, use the 'Move To' function. Right-click the NavItem you want to move, then choose 'Move To'. Choose the new Group you want to move the NavItem to.

Showing ThatView Move To.

To create a New Folder - right-click in the blank grid space and click 'New Folder' button. This will display a folder name pop-up textbox. Enter in a folder name and click OK.

Showing ThatView New Folder.

To create a New Text and/or PNG file - right-click in the blank grid space and click 'New Text' button and/or 'New PNG' button. This will display a name pop-up textbox. Enter in a name and click OK.

Showing ThatView New Text/PNG file.

Copy/paste is possible with ThatView. To copy a file/folder, right-click and choose 'Copy'. To paste the item, locate the directory you want, then right-click the blank grid and choose the 'Paste' button.

Showing ThatView Copy/Paste functions.

ThatView has an additional mode for multiple item selection. Right-click the blank grid space and choose 'Select' button. This switches the view to 'multiple selection mode'. In this mode no directory browsing can occur for view's directory.

Showing ThatView Select Mode.

A powerful way to find items quickly is to perform a 'Filter'. To filter in ThatView, it is easy. Right-click the blank grid space and then type in a filter text into the 'Filter' textbox. Views are dynamically updated, so content matching your filter text will automatically be displayed in the view.

Showing ThatView Filter.

ThatView has a Search function which will search for matching criteria down-stream of the current directory. To use Search, right-click in the blank grid space and type in search criteria into the 'Search' textbox.

Showing ThatView Search.

Sometimes you need to view items with different details. ThatView has a 'Sort' function to do just that. To sort a directory, right-click in the blank grid space and click the appropriate Sort button needed.

Showing ThatView Sort.