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Your workflow can now reach elite status. ThatDesk pulls no punches in achieving absolute workflow nirvana, with its quick access to your most used files and the epitome of organization harmony. ThatDesk can do it all while maintaining a trim UI that is light on its feet, while still using vast embedded features that dominate users’ tasks. Break from the mold and monotony and experience a truly groundbreaking and one of a kind app that delivers on all levels.

Sidedesk Virtual Links to Files & Folders

File/Folder Manager

ThatDesk boasts all of the essential file and folder management features and provides a fast and fluid method of accessing your most common files and directories.

Open & View Files & Folders

Simplicity at its finest, open or view your directory contents with ease. ThatDesk makes it easy to link together your content into views, then place your views together seamlessly to a Desk. This method of organizing your content allows you to spend less time navigating to your stuff and more time getting things done!

Sidedesk Drag/Drop Content onto IconView