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Sidedesk for macOS Help

Need some help with Sidedesk for macOS? Checkout the topics below.

Sidedesk is a virtual desktop for macOS operating system. It can be downloaded via Apple's Mac App Store. Below is some basic information regarding the app.

  • Costs $2.99
  • Gets free updates (bug fixes & added/improved features)

Sidedesk uses a Main Navigation view for displaying links to access main user content. You can easily create new Navigation Items by clicking the + icon. A new view will pop-up and display options for entering Nav Item details, like Name and Icon.

A Navigation Item can also just be a generic item adjusting just the Nav Item Name and leaving the Icon default.

To Reorder Navigation Items, right-click any Nav Item and choose 'Reorder'. When the Reorder view shows, simply drag items over/under each other to reorder the Navigation hierarchy.

To Edit a Navigation Item, right-click a Nav Item and choose 'Edit'. Update Nav Item fields appropriately and click 'Edit' button when finished to save changes.

Adding Files is a great way to provide quick and easy access to your most used files. Click 'Add File' to add a File/Files to Sidedesk.

Sometimes you want to remove some items to make space for others, or you mistakenly added the wrong content. Use the 'Remove' function to clean-up undesired Elements.

Sidedesk uses an intelligent Element Drop Location function to allow user configurable options in terms of where Elements are placed on the Main View. The Element Drop Location UI element can be shown/hidden by clicking the Gray/Blue icon. Additionally the icon that appears on the Main View can be moved around to another desired location by click-dragging.

Sidedesk uses a near-infinite canvas to populate Elements. click-dragging the background of the canvas will all you to move all content at once (panning).

Sometimes you may need to reset your View or the Drop Location. This can be easily completed by right-clicking a Nav Item and choosing 'Reset View' and/or 'Reset Drop Location'.

Folders are a great way to access your content. You can add multiple Folders to Sidedesk by clicking 'Add Folder' button. After a Folder has been placed on the Main View. You can double-click the Folder to launch Finder with the Folder's contents displayed.

Sidedesk supports adding Website links to the Main View. Click the 'Add Website' to receive the add website pop-up. Enter in a website Name and an appropriate URL.

Sometimes you need to divide your Elements in a manner where items are grouped in a specific area. Frames does just that - click 'Add Frame' to drop a new bounding box like Element to the Main View. Use the rectangular nubs in the corners to drag and position the Frame where you need it.

ListViews offers the best way to quickly populate an element with useful file/folder access, in a ready to go visual format.

GridView offers a great way to quickly populate an element with useful file/folder access, in a ready to go visual format.

You can adjust your Element size for ListView, GridView, Frame, Text, and Image. Before adding an Element, set the desired size, then click the appropriate 'Add _' button to add an Element with the chosen size.

There is a built-in selection highlight option called 'Highlight Items'. You can use this to toggle selection visibility. ListViews act differently and are not affected by this property.

The Text Element is an excellent way to display text information embedded in the Main View. Click the 'Add Text' button to drop a Text Element to the screen. This can be moved by click-dragging the Text Element icon.

Sidedesk can drop Images onto the Main View. Click 'Add Image' and select an image file. You can also adjust the image size by setting the Element Size Option prior to selecting an image.

A nice feature to free up some visual noise or see more info is the Expand/Collapse function. Right-click an Element and choose 'Expand/Collapse' to shift the Element into either a collapsed state or an expanded state.

Sidedesk has a layering structure using a z-index value. To change an Elements z-index to the most-front layer, right-click an Element and choose 'Bring to Front'.

You may inadvertantly place an Elment offscreen on the canvas in an undesirable location that you can't remember where. If you need to reposition an Element back to the Element Drop Location, right-click an Element and choose 'Reset Position'. If done from the Main View, the Element will be instantly repositioned to the Element Drop Location position. If performed via the 'Filter' right-click menu, keep in mind you'll need to reload your Main View by clicking either on another Navigation Item, or clicking in the Navigation area's blank space.

If needed, you can easily Rename an Element by right-clicking the Element and choosing 'Rename'. Keep in mind, this renames the Element and not the source file/folder.

Sidedesk has a powerful Filter function. You can use this to filter both the Filter List and the Main View simultaneously.