ThatFile (Windows)

File and folder management using column browsing (Miller Columns) done right. Simplistic design allows users to breeze through directories. Navigate your content fast and efficiently. Stay super organized using capable built in features. Jump to your content the quick way using Favorites or Search. Tabs to keep your current work close, but still continue to navigate around. Split-View to further optimize your workflow by being in two places at once. Tagging system built with an intelligent design and helps users achieve organizational success. Discover new ways to optimize your work flow using ThatFile!

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ThatNote (Windows)

ThatNote is fast and easy to use. It packs essential tools, including font formatting and image insertion. No logins or confusing setup.

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FastPing (Windows)

Quickly ping IP addresses or host names with this handy productivity software!

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AcuteMigraine (Windows)

Migraines are a pain, tracking them shouldn't be. Use AcuteMigraine to easily track your migraines and hone in on potential causes to them.

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