global keys

ThatFile Global Keys

Nearing completion for my November update, although probably won't get submitted prior to the start of December. I think it will be worth delaying it a few more days, so I can properly vet out the new features. Speaking of new features, just finished adding "Global Keys".

Global Keys allow filtering of content as you navigate directories. Users have the ability to add multiple types of "Global Keys", including:

    Global Keys act like "AND" and "OR" logic in programming, results will show for only items matching the selected Global Keys. There are situations where multiple Global Keys can be used in conjunction to list items.

    Image below is with a "File Name" type of Global Key activated. Img103.png
    Pasted Graphic

    Last feature I am working on is "Local Keys". Which is similar to Global Keys, although Local Keys are created for a specific directory only. The idea behind this is to provide saved filtering for a directory, for example if you filter items to only show a specific name of folder in a chosen directory, the next time you navigate to the directory it'll default to applying the local key. The Local Keys can be easily toggled the same way Keywords and Global Keys are.