ThatFile Global Keys

Nearing completion for my November update, although probably won't get submitted prior to the start of December. I think it will be worth delaying it a few more days, so I can properly vet out the new features. Speaking of new features, just finished adding "Global Keys".

Global Keys allow filtering of content as you navigate directories. Users have the ability to add multiple types of "Global Keys", including:

    Global Keys act like "AND" and "OR" logic in programming, results will show for only items matching the selected Global Keys. There are situations where multiple Global Keys can be used in conjunction to list items.

    Image below is with a "File Name" type of Global Key activated. Img103.png
    Pasted Graphic

    Last feature I am working on is "Local Keys". Which is similar to Global Keys, although Local Keys are created for a specific directory only. The idea behind this is to provide saved filtering for a directory, for example if you filter items to only show a specific name of folder in a chosen directory, the next time you navigate to the directory it'll default to applying the local key. The Local Keys can be easily toggled the same way Keywords and Global Keys are.

    ThatFile Keywords

    Decided to implement a "keywords" feature. Similar to how tags work. The idea is to streamline navigating by having content come to the user, rather than the user go and find it. I am also embedding a Global and Local filtering mechanism built-in to the keywords pane. So users can filter on the fly with less effort.

    The keyword pane shows along the bottom. When selecting a file that has a keyword, the keyword shows green. Users can click the keywords to load all files listed under that keyword. Keywords act like "AND" logic in programming, results will show for only items matching the selected keywords.
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    Working on an experimental "stuff" launcher. Basically a user has 12 grids to fill with "stuff".

    Pasted Graphic 2

    Open folders, files, websites, view notes, run commands.
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    ThatFile Progress

    Hard at work getting some much needed features implemented for the next update, including "Properties". Version will hopefully be uploaded by end of November. I am catching those bugs too!

    • Fixed bug where sometimes “Untag” button showed “Tag”.
    • Fixed bug where UnFavorite button was showing when selecting a tagged item.
    • Added Date Modified/Date Created and File Size. Properties will move to last subnavs, to limit crowding of UI.

    Preview, still playing around with size property, should KB, MB be displayed? Or just display GB.

    Pasted Graphic

    ThatFile Update, version

    v1.3.2.0 brings some much needed additions, including Drag/Drop and cursor highlight on hover, as well as a few bug fixes.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.20.27 PM

    ThatFIle Update, version

    I have been hard at work getting the latest version of ThatFile ready for release. Today I put the finishing touches on the latest features, including Tabs and Split-View. The new update, version is now available via the Microsoft App Store.

    I am super excited about this release, mainly because I use this app for my day job and I seriously need tabs already! Below are some screenshots, illustrating some of the great new features.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.20.27 PM

    ThatFile New Features Sneak Peak_1

    ThatFile New Features Sneak Peak_2

    Changes in v1.3.1.0
    • Added Tabs.
    • Added Split-View.
    • Organized settings into tabs.
    • Added MainNav coloring. Default is light gray. Can be changed under “Settings”.
    • Fixed issue where user couldn’t paste if another file is selected.
    • Added “Back Auto Trace” option under Settings.
    • Fixed button enable issue after Trace for Mark, Pin, and Spoof buttons.
    • Added Threading for paste and duplicate actions.
    • Fixed Untag button, was sometimes showing when non-tagged item was selected.
    • Fixed Filtering of files, now it isn’t case-sensitive.
    • Fixed pasting when only MainNav selected.
    • Changed Spoof icon, old one was freaking me out.
    • Merged Search and Filter to same textbox. Searches histories, filters directories.
    • Re-designed toolbar icons.

    ThatFile Update, version

    Updated ThatFile to version Please check out this great productivity app!

    Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.20.27 PM

    • Further optimized directory loading. Super fast now.
    • Fixed Filter operation for large directories, was very slow. Mucho faster now.
    • Added keyboard Shortcuts for Copy, Cut, Paste, Duplicate, Delete, and New Folder
    • Added Spoof - Replaces item name for display in subnav without changing actual file name. Allows any normal string characters.
    • Fixed paste issue when not clicking mainnav.
    • Added preview for text (following formats supported: .txt, .xml, .cfg, .log, .config, .ini, .rtf, and .html).
    • Added more text file types for Categories (.log, .config, .ini)

    Also, check out the ThatFile product page for news on the app.
    ThatFile Product Page

    ThatFile Update, version

    Updated ThatFile to version Please check out this great productivity app!

    Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.20.27 PM

    • Added JumpLists for Popular & Recent Files.
    • Disabled ding sound when pressing Enter key for search and path fields.
    • Optimized icon loading for files, which was causing large directories to load slowly.
    • Fixed bug where pasted in path wasn’t navigating.
    • Fixed “Rename textbox” from showing bullets.
    • Added history clear button to Main Nav Setup
    • Optimized large directory loading.
    • Added Duplicate button.
    • Fixed icon issue where .ico and .exe files were getting set incorrectly.
    • Added highlight to current day of week for "Week" Smart Tag.
    • Modified Main Nav back color.
    • Relocated Search Histories field to Main Nav.
    • Modified buttons, so favorite, pin, etc… now uses a single button to apply/remove actions.
    • Fixed an issue where when pasting a path, sometimes the first sub nav wasn't highlighting.
    • Further optimized icon loading by hard coding multiple icon types.
    • Fixed untag issue where it removed the item from list but stayed on view.
    • Fixed issue where if highlighting multiple items then click on previous folder would cause view to not load.
    • Added New Folder with Selected button. This action will move selected items to a New Folder.
    • Optimized Copy/Paste/Cut logic.
    • Added Image Preview.
    • Added setting to disable image preview. Default is enabled.
    • Added keyboard arrow control for navigation.
    • Updated App icon.
    • Added "Filter" field for directory filtering.

    Also, check out the ThatFile product page for news on the app.
    ThatFile Product Page

    ThatFile Update, version

    Updated ThatFile to version Please check out this great productivity app!

    Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.20.27 PM

    • Optimized performance for directory loading.
    • Removed Tag Selector Form icon.
    • Fixed a bug where Paste button wasn't enabled when pasting to Tagged directory.
    • Fixed Tagged file issue, where when clicking Tagged file, would sometimes load the directory of the Tagged file.
    • Added back button. Can resume back button history from previous app use.
    • Changed Favorite icon to a green star.
    • Changed Pin icon to a purple pin.
    • Increased MainNav row height slightly.
    • Modified start position and size of window on first app launch.
    • Improved image quality for Smart Tag icon.
    • Improved image quality for Basic Tag icon.
    • Set on Pinning an item, view scrolls to top.
    • Added Explore button to open item using File Explorer.
    • Fixed Pinned & Marked files type not getting set, which prevented opening files through Smart Tag.
    • Fixed Paste button allow issue when Cutting item.
    • Set Basic Tags to sort Tags by name
    • Fixed bug where Popular Folders were being added to Recent Files Smart Tag.
    • Added Search. Looks through Smart Tags and Basic Tags and shows histories in SubNav.
    • Added more content to Categories (.zip, .cfg, .dll).

    Also, check out the ThatFile product page for news on the app.
    ThatFile Product Page

    ThatFile Release!

    ThatFile is now available on the Windows App Store.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.20.27 PM

    App Icon_300x300
    📗 Read More…


    ThatNote for Windows is now available via the Windows App Store. Please check it out!

    Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.20.27 PM


    Sneak Peak!

    Working on a new remote connection tracking app - ThatDesktop. It will be used to manage and organize remote connections.

    Sneak Peek

    Sneak Peek 2


    Working on a new Windows app - ThatNote. It'll will be a fully functional note taking app, geared for fast note taking and mark-ups.



    Some exciting improvements are now available for the ThatStatus app.

    • Label column
    • Failure counter column
    • Clear failures option
    • Tooltips
    • Window size/position restoring on startup
    • Adjustable ping interval

    Stay tuned for additional app updates.

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    FastPing Now Available!

    FastPing is now available via the Windows App Store! Please check it out!

    Pasted Graphic

    ThatStatus Now Available!

    ThatStatus is now available via the Windows App Store!

    ThatStatus Icon

    Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.20.27 PM

    ThatStat Now Available!

    ThatStat is now released and is available from the Microsoft Windows Store.


    Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.20.27 PM

    ThatEntry Now Available!

    ThatEntry, the latest productivity tool developed by Ebey Tech is now live on the Windows Store.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.20.27 PM