ThatFile Update, version

Updated ThatFile to version Please check out this great productivity app!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.20.27 PM

  • Optimized performance for directory loading.
  • Removed Tag Selector Form icon.
  • Fixed a bug where Paste button wasn't enabled when pasting to Tagged directory.
  • Fixed Tagged file issue, where when clicking Tagged file, would sometimes load the directory of the Tagged file.
  • Added back button. Can resume back button history from previous app use.
  • Changed Favorite icon to a green star.
  • Changed Pin icon to a purple pin.
  • Increased MainNav row height slightly.
  • Modified start position and size of window on first app launch.
  • Improved image quality for Smart Tag icon.
  • Improved image quality for Basic Tag icon.
  • Set on Pinning an item, view scrolls to top.
  • Added Explore button to open item using File Explorer.
  • Fixed Pinned & Marked files type not getting set, which prevented opening files through Smart Tag.
  • Fixed Paste button allow issue when Cutting item.
  • Set Basic Tags to sort Tags by name
  • Fixed bug where Popular Folders were being added to Recent Files Smart Tag.
  • Added Search. Looks through Smart Tags and Basic Tags and shows histories in SubNav.
  • Added more content to Categories (.zip, .cfg, .dll).

Also, check out the ThatFile product page for news on the app.
ThatFile Product Page