July 2018

ThatFile Update, version

Updated ThatFile to version Please check out this great productivity app!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.20.27 PM

  • Added JumpLists for Popular & Recent Files.
  • Disabled ding sound when pressing Enter key for search and path fields.
  • Optimized icon loading for files, which was causing large directories to load slowly.
  • Fixed bug where pasted in path wasn’t navigating.
  • Fixed “Rename textbox” from showing bullets.
  • Added history clear button to Main Nav Setup
  • Optimized large directory loading.
  • Added Duplicate button.
  • Fixed icon issue where .ico and .exe files were getting set incorrectly.
  • Added highlight to current day of week for "Week" Smart Tag.
  • Modified Main Nav back color.
  • Relocated Search Histories field to Main Nav.
  • Modified buttons, so favorite, pin, etc… now uses a single button to apply/remove actions.
  • Fixed an issue where when pasting a path, sometimes the first sub nav wasn't highlighting.
  • Further optimized icon loading by hard coding multiple icon types.
  • Fixed untag issue where it removed the item from list but stayed on view.
  • Fixed issue where if highlighting multiple items then click on previous folder would cause view to not load.
  • Added New Folder with Selected button. This action will move selected items to a New Folder.
  • Optimized Copy/Paste/Cut logic.
  • Added Image Preview.
  • Added setting to disable image preview. Default is enabled.
  • Added keyboard arrow control for navigation.
  • Updated App icon.
  • Added "Filter" field for directory filtering.

Also, check out the ThatFile product page for news on the app.
ThatFile Product Page