December 2018

Vector Animation Using Spine for macOS

Checkout some quick animation setup using Spine. Below is an axe animation sequence I made for testing future game animations. Not sure what I'll use it for at the moment, just experimenting with the animation tools Spine offers. I was impressed with the software, being able to take a vector image I made using Affinity Designer.

Apple Website HTML Build

Below is a video of me building a bit of the Apple website.

Use ThatNote to Keep Your Notes

Create a note using ThatNote!

Keywords Provide Quick Access to Your Stuff

Keywords in ThatFile are the epitome of quick access to your stuff. Assign a file or folder to a keyword, then click that keyword to show you the appropriate file or folders previously assigned.

Copy Multiple File Paths

Ever needed to get a list of file paths? Now you can do just that by utilizing ThatFile's new "Copy Paths" function.

Open Multiple Files at Once

Now you can use ThatFile to open multiple files at once.

ThatFile Glance Provides Mac Like QuickLook Capability

Use Glance just like QuickLook in macOS. Press the space bar or click the toolbar icon to open a new "preview" window for the item selected.