August 2018

ThatFile Update, version

Updated ThatFile to version Please check out this great productivity app!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.20.27 PM

  • Further optimized directory loading. Super fast now.
  • Fixed Filter operation for large directories, was very slow. Mucho faster now.
  • Added keyboard Shortcuts for Copy, Cut, Paste, Duplicate, Delete, and New Folder
  • Added Spoof - Replaces item name for display in subnav without changing actual file name. Allows any normal string characters.
  • Fixed paste issue when not clicking mainnav.
  • Added preview for text (following formats supported: .txt, .xml, .cfg, .log, .config, .ini, .rtf, and .html).
  • Added more text file types for Categories (.log, .config, .ini)

Also, check out the ThatFile product page for news on the app.
ThatFile Product Page