ThatFIle Update, version

I have been hard at work getting the latest version of ThatFile ready for release. Today I put the finishing touches on the latest features, including Tabs and Split-View. The new update, version is now available via the Microsoft App Store.

I am super excited about this release, mainly because I use this app for my day job and I seriously need tabs already! Below are some screenshots, illustrating some of the great new features.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.20.27 PM

ThatFile New Features Sneak Peak_1

ThatFile New Features Sneak Peak_2

Changes in v1.3.1.0
  • Added Tabs.
  • Added Split-View.
  • Organized settings into tabs.
  • Added MainNav coloring. Default is light gray. Can be changed under “Settings”.
  • Fixed issue where user couldn’t paste if another file is selected.
  • Added “Back Auto Trace” option under Settings.
  • Fixed button enable issue after Trace for Mark, Pin, and Spoof buttons.
  • Added Threading for paste and duplicate actions.
  • Fixed Untag button, was sometimes showing when non-tagged item was selected.
  • Fixed Filtering of files, now it isn’t case-sensitive.
  • Fixed pasting when only MainNav selected.
  • Changed Spoof icon, old one was freaking me out.
  • Merged Search and Filter to same textbox. Searches histories, filters directories.
  • Re-designed toolbar icons.