ThatFile Update

Updated ThatFile to version Please check out this great productivity app!

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  • Optimized performance for directory loading.
  • Removed Tag Selector Form icon.
  • Fixed a bug where Paste button wasn't enabled when pasting to Tagged directory.
  • Fixed Tagged file issue, where when clicking Tagged file, would sometimes load the directory of the Tagged file.
  • Added back button. Can resume back button history from previous app use.
  • Changed Favorite icon to a green star.
  • Changed Pin icon to a purple pin.
  • Increased MainNav row height slightly.
  • Modified start position and size of window on first app launch.
  • Improved image quality for Smart Tag icon.
  • Improved image quality for Basic Tag icon.
  • Set on Pinning an item, view scrolls to top.
  • Added Explore button to open item using File Explorer.
  • Fixed Pinned & Marked files type not getting set, which prevented opening files through Smart Tag.
  • Fixed Paste button allow issue when Cutting item.
  • Set Basic Tags to sort Tags by name
  • Fixed bug where Popular Folders were being added to Recent Files Smart Tag.
  • Added Search. Looks through Smart Tags and Basic Tags and shows histories in SubNav.
  • Added more content to Categories (.zip, .cfg, .dll).

Also, check out the ThatFile product page for news on the app.
ThatFile Product Page

Command Click for Features

Hold Command while Left-clicking a function, to access features associated with the clicked function.

For example "Jump to Definition" will jump to the function selected.
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You can also Command+Left-click variables to to access useful features, like "Edit All in Scope" will allow you to rename the variable across the code.
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"Callers" list where the function is being called from. If only one caller is used, the cursor will jump to that caller.
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Get list of zPositions

Sometimes determining the order of your nodes can be tricky to keep certain graphics from overlapping graphics that should be more in front of other graphics.

An easy way to check all your zPositions, is to right-click the "zPosition" property and choose "Find Selected Text in Workspace.

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This will provide a nice list of all your zPositions and their numeric value.
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Xcode Inference Warning

Inference Warning:
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Fix by setting Inference to “Default”
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Drive Thru Zombies

Drive Thru Zombies for iOS has just been released. Please check it out!



ThatFile Release!

ThatFile is now available on the Windows App Store.

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SCON Update

SCON for iOS has just been updated. Please check it out!




ThatNote for Windows is now available via the Windows App Store. Please check it out!

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Swift Detect Node Overlap

Detect if nodes overlap
if enemy.contains((car.position)) {
// code

Audio with Swift

Add audio delegate
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Create audioPlayer public variable
Pasted Graphic
Create music function
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To prevent below error on play, be sure Music0.m4a is added to Build Phases
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