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Quickly ping IP addresses or host names with this handy productivity software!
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ThatIP is a free IP switcher program for Windows. Add multiple IP scheme profiles, then dynamically select and set appropriate profile based on your attached network. Admin access is required for regular use.
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ThatStatus continuously pings listed IPs or host names. It provides a pass/fail assignment based on the ping state of the device. ThatStatus also lists the ping time for the device response time.
Optionally the user can fill in the SMTP fields to allow for a e-mail response when a failed state is detected for a device.
The ability to receive an audible alert is also available.
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ThatEntry is a useful productivity app to aid in the repeated entry of common text fields. It works great for storing text entries and recalling the text using an assigned function key. Optional character masking allows the user to keep text fields private, which is useful when using the app for privileged text.
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ThatStat is an invaluable information gathering app. Use the app to read a PC’s hard drive, operating system, networking parameters, application processes, and many other useful data points.
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